Vendor Guidelines

In order to assist us in promoting a successful show we need your cooperation in the following areas:

1. Booths must be fully set-up with tables covered down to the floor.

2.  Keep all trash off the floor area.

3. All cords must be taped down (we have duct tape).

4. No “Sale” or “Reduction” signs are to be displayed inside or outside of your booth until the LAST HOUR  –  3:00  – 4:00 PM.

5. If you need one of us, go to the DJ booth and he will summon us.

6. Single EXIT doors need to be closed at all times.  They are for Vendor use only.  Your name tag will need to be displayed if you leave the building.  It must be visible for reentry.  If you are positioned by one of the single exit doors please watch for people who sneak in to avoid paying for entry.

7. Your booth should be occupied at all times. Please wear your name badge and display your company name poster provided in your Vendor Package received during check-in.

We will be more than happy to “booth sit” for you if you are alone and need a restroom break or food break. 

Call one of us via the DJ booth. 

8. Booths are to remain totally set up until the end of the show at 4 P.M. 

9. At breakdown time please make sure that all trash is off of the floor and that you leave the area as clean as possible.

10. Please call our attention to any concerns not addressed here.

Most of all SMILE!

Interact with customers….talk to them.

Convince them they want to spend their money. Instead of saying “Can I help you?”, say which one do you like the best or “This would make a nice gift for …..”

Don’t sit in a chair with your arms crossed.  Body language and first impressions speak louder than words.

Invite shoppers to come back to your booth.

SHOPPING Spree info:

There will be two $25 Vendor drawings at 3:00 PM. We ask that you spend with other Craft Show vendors.

Vendors please (and anyone assisting you) return all name badge plastic covers to the DJ’s booth at 3:50 P.M.  These will be recycled for next year’s show.

Thank you for helping to make this year’s show a success.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2020!


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